Architecture design (private residence)

  • Pre-design
  • Schematic design
  • Design development. Construction Documents (MEP Engineering and Structural Engineering)
  • Construction observation/administration



STAGE 1 – Pre-design

Meeting and introduction Familiarization with the site, plans/photos or a site visit Setting tasks, familiarization with the client’s wishes and vision Choosing a working mode

STAGE 2 – Schematic design(Conceptual design) 

Design of the house concept: floor plans, the volume of the house, site layout Forming a “Conceptual design of development intentions” album – with these documents, you can obtain a permit for construction

STAGE 3 – Design development. Construction Documents.

Execution of architectural, engineering and construction sections that cover such tasks as:

  • architectural nodes and solutions (wall structures, floors, insulation, foundations, roof, facade, finishing materials, amount of materials, etc.),
  • building structures (foundation, reinforcement, concrete type, thickness of slabs, stairs pouring, etc.),
  • engineering networks (water supply, sewage system, external networks, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical engineering solutions, lightning protection, etc.)

The client receives albums of drawings for all sections in 3 copies.

STAGE 4 – Author’s and technical supervision

  • Bidding, permit, negotiation
  • Full organization of construction is also possible.